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Phillip Allen \ Elisabeth S. Clark \ Ben Cain \ Sarah Jones \ Max Mosscrop \ Angus Saunders-Dunnachie

Open: 12-30 June Wed-Sun 12-6pm \ Preview: Wednesday 19 June 6-9pm

Pleasure Centre is a project in conjunction with De Montfort University, New Walk Museum, Phoenix and 2Queens.

The exhibition at The Great Central takes as its starting point a transformational relationship between text and action. The playful nature of re-arranging text, mis-interpretation, gaps between meaning, and the transforming of text into material or exercise - whether by the artist, in an object or invited of an audience.

The works in the exhibition all play with this transformational exercise, whether leaving the physical mark of their action, as in Max Mosscrop's oil on glass works and Ben Cain's marks on the walls of the gallery, implicit in their invention and presentation (Elisabeth S. Clark's 'choon'), or overt as in Sarah Jones's repeated 'it' recording.

Mark-making and pushing of symbols into form are extended through the works of Angus Saunders-Dunnachie and Phillip Allen with their paintings becoming three dimensional. Allen's paint creating a dense, solid materiality and Saunders-Dunnachie painted on heavy cut-out plasterboard blocks.

Additionally there is an installation of Professor Diana Deutsch seminal auditory illusion 'Phantom Words', where through the repetition of non-word sounds the listener can play at finding their own words.

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Pleasure Centre Symposium De Montfort University, Hugh Aston Lecture Theatre 3.03
Wednesday 19 June 2013, 11am - 5pm (Registration 10:45 am)
Booking essential:

Research/Fine Art Practices, De Montfort University, Leicester

Hugo Worthy, Curator of Contemporary Art at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Dr Caterina Albano, Senior Research Fellow /Curator Artakt, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
Seduced? Pleasure and the exhibition

Professor Eric Bainbridge, Fine Art, University of Sunderland
Artist Lecture: 'always different always the same'

Dr Jennie Hawksley, Senior Lecturer in Art History and Critical Theory in Fine Art, De Montfort University
Art: A vicissitudinous Pleasure

Dr Simon O'Sullivan, Senior Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture, Goldsmiths, University of London
Joy as a Technology in the Production of Subjectivity (a Diagrammatic reading of Spinoza's Ethics)

This Symposium is followed by the exhibition previews at all four venues, there will be guides to tour you around and a route map to make your own way can be found here.

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Past Exhibitions:

'The Great Moon Hoax' - Kitty Wingate and Claire Davies
'Beam' - Rebecca Birch
'35 Milliseconds' - Elizibeth McAlpine, Susan Collis, Penny Davis, Joseph Walsh
'Hounds of Love' - Rachel Cattle
'The Logos is Common' - Alex Pearl, Richard Peel, Rob Smith

Past Project Space Artists:

'Penny Davis'
'Daniel Kelly'

'The Great Moon Hoax'

Kitty Wingate and Claire Davies

Read the review in the Aesthetica Magazine Blog.

Initiated as a collaborative response to the naivety and optimism of 'The Brick Moon' by Edward Everett Hayle, Claire Davies and Kitty Wingate present a series of new works.

Using 'The Brick Moon' as a departure point for further research and ideas Wingate and Davies have diverged from the original text, linking its ideas to that of escape, exploration and endeavour.

The output draws on multiple platforms from each artist's practice with the centripetal force being material and the response to an underlying interest in the questioning of the 2D and 3D.

Weaving fact, imagination, past, present and future, they to present subtle sculptures crouching beside towering pyramids that seep into the presence of a series of connected drawings.

You can find Edward Everett Hayle's 'The Brick Moon' online via the Gutenberg Project.

Claire Davies


Rebecca Birch

'35 Milliseconds'

Elizibeth McAlpine, Susan Collis, Penny Davis, Joseph Walsh

Elizabeth McAlpine
Susan Collis
Penny Davis
Joseph Walsh

'Hounds of Love'

Rachel Cattle

'The Logos is Common'

Alex Pearl, Richard Peel, Rob Smith

Alex Pearl
Richard Peel
Rob Smith

Project Space:
Early cureer artists are invited to use the gallery space to experiment and create new work over 2-4 weeks with no expectation of a difinitave outcome of work, only that the process or outcome is documented.

Penny Davis

Daniel Kelly